1.1 Cookie Policy

Wigs Worlds want to make sure that our website looks fabulous, but that it is also easy for you to use. To help us to do this, our website uses cookies.

1.2 What Are Cookies

Cookies are small text files that websites (in this case, Wigs Worlds), sends to your computer. When you view our website, a pop up will appear, which asks your permission for Wigs Worlds to use cookies. After you have accepted, and after an elapsed period of time, the pop up will not appear again. Cookies allow Wigs Worlds to recognise that you have visited our website before and remember your preferences. The facts collected about you are statistical only.

1.3 How We Use Cookies

By using cookies, Wigs Worlds has the information we need to regularly check whether our website really meets your needs. Some of the cookies we use improve the functionality of our website, so if you choose to disable cookies on your browser, you might find that you can't access some aspects of our website, or that parts of the website don't function in the way that you might expect them to.

1.4 We Use The Following Cookies:

Essential cookies: These cookies allow you to use the basic functionality of the Wigs Worlds website. For example, browsing our products, ordering and paying for items, checking your account information and viewing your order history.

Performance cookies: They allow us to get to know how you use our website. They are used to analyse visitor information such as usage, visitor numbers and help us see how effective our advertising is and to understand what you like.

Functionality cookies: They allow us to provide additional functionalities to the website, and will retain some settings information. Whilst not essential for the functionality of our site, they do enable extra features that should improve your shopping experience.

Targeting cookies: We also use cookies to track visitors' interest in our products. We may use this to understand what most appeals to our customers so we can make our offers as appropriate as possible.

1.5 Cookie Summary

To summarise, cookies help Wigs Worlds provide you with a better online experience, by enabling us to monitor which pages you find useful and which you do not. A cookie does absolutely not give us access to your computer or any information about you, other than the data you choose to share with us.

1.6 Blocking And Deleting Cookies

Most browsers allow you to refuse to accept cookies and you can delete cookies already stored on your computer.

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