Wigs Worids - Solid Color Knitted Cotton Suede Headband Elastic Cross Hairband

Color :
Deerskin velvet - burgundy
Deerskin velvet-PINK
Deerskin velvet-Camel
Deerskin velvet-Khaki
Deerskin velvet-Black
Deerskin velvet-dark green
Deerskin velvet-Grey
Deerskin velvet-Red
Deerskin velvet-Turmeric
Deerskin velvet-navy blue
Deerskin velvet- Green and Blue
Deerskin velvet-sapphire blue
Deerskin velvet-Coffee
Deerskin velvet-Peacock Blue
Deerskin velvet-Rouge Powder
Deerskin velvet-bean paste purple
Deerskin velvet-Military Green
Deerskin velvet-Rust Red
Deerskin velvet-Lake Blue
Deerskin velvet-Peach Pink
Deerskin velvet-light green
Deerskin velvet-light pink
Deerskin velvet-light purple
Deerskin velvet-Brown
Deerskin velvet-Light Blue
Deerskin velvet-Purple
Deerskin velvet-Off-white
Knitted cotton-Khaki
Knitted cotton-light gray
Knitted cotton-Dark Grey
Knitted cotton-Black
Knitted cotton-Turmeric
Knitted cotton-Pink
Knitted cotton-burgundy
Knitted cotton-dark green
Knitted cotton-navy blue
Knitted cotton-Peach Powder
Knitted cotton-light purple
Knitted cotton-Rose
Knitted cotton-Big Red
Knitted cotton-White
Knitted cotton-Fruit Green
Knitted cotton-Apricot
Knitted cotton-army green
Knitted cotton-Goose yellow
Knitted cotton-Fluorescent yellow
Knitted cotton-Sauce Purple
Knitted cotton-Peacock Blue
Knitted cotton-Lake Blue
Knitted cotton-Light Blue
Knitted cotton-Sky Blue
Knitted cotton-green onion
Knitted cotton-Aquamarine
Knitted cotton-Snow Buds
Knitted cotton-Cherry Blossom Powder
Knitted cotton-Sauce Red
Knitted cotton-Caramel
Knitted cotton-Lemon Yellow
Knitted cotton-Cyan
Knitted cotton-Fluorescent Orange
Knitted cotton-Orange
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High quality material and design: made for your active lifestyle. our women's sweatbands are made with high quality polyester and elastane fabric.  Exceptionally soft. lightweight. highly breathable and stretchy for maximum comfort and performance.
The headband is Durability. reliability and comfort .hand  machine washable and moisture wicking and breathable.
Worried about sweat dripping on your face while working out? Get the headband for women! The fabric design absorbs sweat and allows it to evaporate. keeping you cool and dry during those intense workouts and sports activities. No more sweaty hair and eyes
Choose the headband that suits your mood and style. then flip it over and create your own unique style. whether you have short. long. straight or curly hair
Widely used: these running headbands are ideal for daily use and all activities. including indoor and outdoor exercises: such as tennis. soccer. fitness. yoga. running. work. cycling. climbing. travel. vacation. festivals. hiking. etc. It will also be a thoughtful gift idea for any sports enthusiast in your life on any special gift occasion. Each headband is individually packaged. so you can wear it separately when traveling or going out.

Wigs Worids - Solid Color Knitted Cotton Suede Headband Elastic Cross Hairband
Deerskin velvet - burgundy - $29.99
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